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AC Installation Service

The installation process for a new air conditioning unit can be quite complicated.
The techniques and the methods that go into the procedure can be shocking for a person with an average knowledge of the field.
The world around us changes in the blink of an eye so the technology used in appliances keeps getting better and advanced. The air conditioning system from 5 years to a decade ago would have so many differences then the units being built currently.
The modern air conditioners are 20-50% larger in height, length and width as compared to the AC units in the early 2000s or before. The large size of the unit is capable of holding a larger coil that makes it work efficiently.

When you choose O’generals AC installation service, we let you know beforehand that the team is on their way to your location. For safety purposes, this must not be compromised at all.
Before starting the installation process, the team leader will discuss the matter with you and share ideas to decide on a good installation location for the unit.
Communicate with the members and let them know if you have any doubts.

We provide multiple services, including AC installation, maintenance, repair, change, and more. 

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AC Unit Replacement

If you need to replace an AC unit then we must remove the refrigerant that the existing unit has in order to install a new one.
The circuit breaker needs to be turned off in the electrical panel before you start to do work inside the service disconnect. Once you have removed all the existing connections now the existing AC unit is ready to be removed.

AC Installation

Most of the times, the existing location of the AC requires some extra preparations in order to install the new unit in the same place.
This preparation unusually includes the replacement of the pad on which new air conditioner will be fixed.
The two options that the installer have to install a new evaporator for any new AC unit are; Cased and Uncased.
The former option is often preferred because it comes with an insulated cabinet with removable panels.
The cased coil doesn’t need much skills to be installed, just the basic knowledge of the unit would be enough to fix it.

Although it doesn’t require great skills to be installed still there is a chance for failure if not handled by professionals.
The electrical appliances require much care and attention while they’re in the process of installation of fixation because a small mistake can cause huge damges.

With our highly skilled working team, there’s no need to worry about any of it. We will handle all the work with absolute attention and there will be no room left for any complaints.

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