Our Midea Air Conditioner Company provides the large type of air conditioners to the community. There are two basic designs that the Midea Air Conditioner is providing to its buyers. These designs side discharge and top discharge. Ducted split ACs are used in vast places for cooling and heating purposes, where wall split air conditioners and other small air conditioners do not encounter the prerequisite.

There is only a choice to use ducted split air conditioners in these types of places. It is very easy to install ducted split air conditioners.


Midea Ducted Split Air Conditions are being installed in open places like open-plan offices, schools, shops, hotels, marriage halls, seminars, villas, and many other places like this.

In the ducted air conditioners, the air inlet is from the backside. The size of the plate is the same on both sides. This type of air inlet is very easy for an installer to install from back to bottom.

The drain system of ducted split air conditioners is very strong as it can drain up to 750 mm.

Midea Ducted Air Conditioners inhale fresh air from outside and provide this fresh air into the room and apartment. It is an excellent ability to inhale fresh air. It can manage the mood and feelings in the room.

Power Supply 220-240V, 50Hz
Starting Current 3.0 (A)
Rated Cooling Capacity 9.0 (kW)
Rated Heating Capacity10.5 (kW)
Capacity Range Cooling 4.0-12.0 (kW)
Capacity Range Heating 4.2-12.5 (kW)
Rated Cooling Power Input 2.86 (kW)
Rated Heating Power Input 3.10 (kW)
EER/COP Cool/Heat 3.15/3.3

Airflow (High)730 (l/s)
Supply Air Opening (W x H)1166 x 175 (mm)
Return Air Opening (W x H)1261 x 228 (mm)

Noise Level (High/Med. Low)49/46/42 dB(A)
Sound Pressure Level at 1m 61 dB(A)
Sound Power Level 70 dB(A)
Maximum External Static Pressure 160 (Pa)

 (Indoor Net/Gross)40/48 (kg)

Indoor Noise Level Low: 47 dB,
Medium: 50 dB, High: 53 dB

Outdoor Dimension (W x D x H)946 x 410 x 810 (mm)
Indoor Dimension (W x D x H)1360 x 720 x 248 (mm)

Refrigerant Type
Refrigerant Piping
Liquid Side/Gas Side
(in”)Ø9.52/ Ø15.9
Max. Refrigerant pipe Length 65 (m)
Max. Different in Refrigerant Pipe Level 30 (m)
Pre charge Length15 (m)

Cooling: -15 ~50ºC
Heating -15 ~24ºC

Models & Tonnage

1.5 Ton Midea Ducted AC

  • 330MTIT-18CWN1

2.0 Ton Midea Ducted AC

  • 330MTIT-24CWN1

2.5 Ton Midea Ducted AC

  • 330MTIT-33CWN1

3.0 Ton Midea Ducted AC

  • 330MTIT4-36CWN2

4.0 Ton Midea Ducted AC

  • 330MHGT4-48CWN2

5.0 Ton Midea Ducted AC

  • 330MHGT4-55CWN1

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