Midea window air conditioners are very common nowadays. The inclination of using these ACs is in day by day. These are convenient in small rooms, and apartments. You can ornament his or her home according to his will. These types of ACs are easy to use and easy to operate.

One can shut off his or her window when he or she wants. These days many innovative customs and flairs are installed in window Ac. Now U-shaped window ACs are very popular in the marketplace. Window AC covers 450 square feet with 10000 BTU.

Features of Midea Window Air Conditioner

some of the main and important features of windows are designed under the,

The U-shaped window AC is premeditated in a way that diminutions the noise that is produced by the compressor. Window AC is weather friendly, and comfortable in every environment.

Most of the community faces problems with installation. Don’t worry, our Midea Air Conditioner company cracked this issue for its beloved buyers and customers. Window AC can be installed in 3 simple steps.

As window AC is installed Infront of sofa that is why the cool air is not wasted. Window AC has the ability to flow the air 20 feet beyond its installation point

Midea Air Conditioner Company introduced the ability to use your smartphones and gadgets to rheostat your window AC at any time and from any place. iOS version and android versions are installed on it. Window AC can also be controlled by your voice. Because the software of air recognition is installed in it. It is mainly controlled by Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Midea Window Ac has inverter technology. It saves 35 % electricity concerning other appliances available on the market.

Bio Filter : Present
Capacity In Tons : 1 Ton
Auto Air Swing : Present

Dry Mode: Yes
Sleep Mode: Yes

Night Glow Functions On Remote Buttons:
Remote: Yes

Timer: Yes
Auto Fan Speed: Present
Auto Restart: Yes
Front Panel Display: Yes

Indoor Noise Level Low: 47 dB,
Medium: 50 dB, High: 53 dB

Bio Filter : Present

Power Requirements, 3341 W
Power Input, 1164 Watt

Models & Tonnage

1.5 Ton Midea Window AC

  • MWTF-18CM
  • MWT2F2-18CM

2.0 Ton Midea Window AC

  • MWTF-24CM
  • MWT2F2-24CM

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