FCU stands for Fan Cooling Indoor Units. FCU is mainly used in indoor rooms and apartments. These FCUs are produced by multistage quality control. The lineup of FCU is passed from 2.2 to 4.56KW. The body of the FCU is made up of high-quality plastic, and it is built into a 3-way valve. The process of fan coil installation is very easy.

Features of Midea FCU Air Conditioner

  • Stylish panel with large airflow outlet.
  • Standard built-in drain pump with 750mm pump head.
  • Compact design and easy installation.
  • Fresh air intake.
  • Heating and cooling at the same time

Types of midea Fan Coil Units.

Midea has brought different types of FCU air conditioners to the market.
All these units have their own unique features and capabilities. The one thing that is common in all of them is their efficiency and top-notch working capacity. All of these units bring you comfort and offer you to spend your days in a refreshing environment.
Following are the types of FCU.
1.Wall-mounted Fan Coils
2.Ceiling-floor, Floor-standing Fan Coils
3.1-Way Cassette Fan Coils
4.4-Way Cassette Fan Coils Compact Series + Standard Series
5.Middle-Static Pressure Duct Fan Coils
6.High-Static Pressure Duct Fan Coils

General Features

Aeration capacity: 300 CFM
Maximum usage infrastructure: 20 m2 (depending on the conditions)
Dimensions (H , W , L) : 62.6 * 22 * 100 cm
Low noise performance with galvanized fan
Elegant design with easy installation
Washable aluminum filter with easy

12 months original warranty

12 months warranty since installation

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