Cassette AC is the same as split AC. It works like split AC. The only difference between cassette AC and Split AC is that cassette AC is installed on the roof or ceiling while Split is installed on the wall.

Both ACs have the same function of working. Window ACs are the types of inverted split systems.

The most famous cassette ac is called a 4-way cassette. 4-way cassette ac is famous for its air distribution in the room.

These ACs have been designed in a way that the air outlet will provide powerful airflow, which cools the room quickly and more efficiently.

Remote Control: Yes
Remote: LCD Remote with Backlit,
On/Off: Timer

Consumes low power making it energy efficient and reliable.

Adjusts different functions automatically with a touch of a button.

Cooling Capacity 5.6 kW
Frequency 50HZ
Voltage 230v
Heating Capacity 6.3 kW
Refrigerant Type R410A

Models & Tonnage

1.5 Ton O’general Cassette AC

  • AUGA18FRTA-UX (Rotary Compressor)

2 Ton O’general Cassette AC

  • AUGA25FRTA-UX (Rotary Compressor)

2.5 Ton O’general Cassette AC

  • AUGA30FRTA-UX (Scroll Compressor)

3 Ton O’general Cassette AC

  • AUGA36FRTA-UX (Scroll Compressor)

4 Ton O’general Cassette AC

  • AUGA45FRTA-UX (Scroll Compressor)

5 Ton O’general Cassette AC

  • AUGA54FRTA-UX (Scroll Compressor)

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