O' General Wall-Mounted AC

Intense summer heat can be uncomfortable. Despite your best efforts, you find yourself grabbing the remote control for the air conditioner. And it’s possible that your AC won’t cool as you want it to if it’s old. You consider investing in a new air conditioner. Asking your friends who have worked in the Middle East for an AC recommendation is likely to make them recommend you for O General Wall Mounted Split AC. So, is choosing a General AC a wise move? Will it meet your cooling needs? What brand-new features do they offer? In this essay, we shall respond to each of these queries.

Additionally known as Fujitsu General is a Japanese manufacturer of air conditioners with its corporate office in Chennai. O General Wall Mounted Split AC offers a wide variety of air conditioners to meet residential and commercial cooling demands, including windows, split, cassette, and ductable models. Let’s examine their primary attributes and technological capabilities immediately.


O General Wall-Mounted Split Ac Review In Dubai

General wall-mounted ac split by O’General is a component of popular air conditioners like the O’General Mini Split and O’General Ductless Air Conditioner. The O General Wall Mounted Split AC operates differently from other air conditioners because cold air is delivered through ductwork. Through a wall-mounted unit that is also connected to a condenser, the air is provided. Each part of a wall-mounted air conditioner has a fundamental function and depends on each other to perform that function. Based on its tonnage, it comes in wide varieties.


O General Wall Mounted Split AC Features

Water Removal

With the help of this feature, the air is effectively and fully dried off in O General Wall Mounted Split AC.

Dual-Action Swing

This air conditioner’s flap can swing in horizontal and vertical directions thanks to a complicated swing mechanism.

Autonomous Flaps

When running in automated mode, the flaps automatically adjust to the operating way. To our convenience, we may also change the flap’s position by utilizing the remote control.

Auto-Closing Flaps

When O General Wall Mounted Split AC is stopped, the air conditioner’s flap automatically closes, and when it is turned on, it opens.

Automatic Air Flow Correction

Its internal microcomputer controls the airflow efficiently to track and keep track of variations in room temperature.


Adaptive Restart

In the unlikely event that you lose power, O General Wall Mounted Split AC  will restart itself in the same manner as previously.

Sleep Alarm

For a good night’s sleep and to maintain the ideal room temperature, the built-in microcomputer of O General Wall Mounted Split AC automatically adjusts the room temperature by a little throughout the night.

Filter for Negative Air Ions to Remove Odors

This feature removes scents from the air by encasing them in negative air ions. This characteristic of negative air ions entirely aids in removing dust and odors from the air and aids in maintaining a cozy indoor climate.

Simple To Maintain

For a long life with the filter and other parts and for efficient cooling of O General Wall Mounted Split AC, the outside panel is detachable and readily cleanable


Models & Tonnage

 O’ General 1.5 Ton Wall Mounted Split Ac

  • ASGA18FUTD-U (Rotary 5 star Compressor)
  • ASGA18FUTB-U (Piston Compressor) 


 O’ General 2.5 Ton Wall Mounted Split Ac

  • ASGA30FUTA-U (Scroll 4 Star Compressor)

O’ General 3 Ton Wall Mounted Split Ac

  • ASGA36FUTA-U (Scroll 4 Star Compressor)
  • ASGA36FFTA-U (Scroll Compressor)

 O’ General 2 Ton Wall Mounted Split Ac

  • ASGA24FUTD-U (Rotary 4 Star Compressor)
  • ASGA24FUTB-U (Piston Compressor) 


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Models & Tonnage

General 1.5 Ton Wall-Mounted Split Ac 5 Star

  • ASGA18FUTD-U (Rotary 5 star Compressor)
  • ASGA18FUTB-U (Piston Compressor)

O’ General Wall Mounted Split AC 2 Ton

  • ASGA24FUTD-U (Rotary 4 Star Compressor)
  • ASGA24FUTB-U (Piston Compressor)


O’ General Wall Mounted Split AC 2.5 Ton

  • ASGA30FUTA-U (Scroll 4 Star Compressor)

O’ General Wall Mounted Split AC 3 Ton

  • ASGA36FUTA-U (Scroll 4 Star Compressor)
  • ASGA36FFTA-U (Scroll Compressor)


Types Of General Wall-Mounted Split Ac

According to their tonnage, they come in various varieties, some of which are listed below.

  • 1-ton wall-mounted split ac o general
  • general wall-mounted split ac 1.5 ton
  • General wall-mounted split ac 1.5-ton price           
  • General wall-mounted split ac 2 ton
  • General wall-mounted split ac 2-ton price
  • General wall-mounted split ac 1.5-ton 3-star price.

General Wall-Mounted Split Ac Latest Technology

Cold and Heat

When you hear the name “AC,” you probably picture a device that blows cold air into a room, lowering the temperature to a comfortable level. However, the creators of the first air conditioning systems did so with the intention of “conditioning” or adjusting the temperature to a desired/specific level. Therefore, in theory, air conditioners should also regulate the temperature in the winter, heating the space during the chilly months. Theoretically, current general wall-mounted split ac prices inverter ACs can also apply warmth throughout the winter.

O General Wall Mounted Split AC includes an integrated heating feature that flips the air conditioning cycle. As a result, hot air circulates throughout the space. Even at a bitterly cold -15oC, general air conditioners can keep a room cool.

Human Sensory

General 2-ton wall-mounted split ac price has a built-in human sensor that can determine how many people are in the space to provide the best cooling. It notices when people walk about the room and intelligently adjust to run at a lower capacity whenever users leave the vicinity to conserve energy. Similarly, the performance is increased for maximum cooling when there is a huge gathering of people inside the room.

The technology of the V-PAM Inverter

General offers every kind of air conditioner, as was already said. O general wall-mounted split ac price comes in both inverter and non-inverter varieties. From the standpoint of energy conservation, inverters are undoubtedly one of the most significant technologies. This is so because air conditioners often consume the most electricity among household appliances.

To provide comfortable cooling and effectively manage power consumption, general wall-mounted split ac prices models from the ASGG series are equipped with V-PAM inverter compressors that alter the frequency following the atmospheric circumstances. Vector-controlled pulse amplitude modulation, often known as V-PAM, is a method for reducing electrical losses. By converting the current waveform into a sinusoidal waveform, losses are reduced.

Faster room cooling is achieved because V-PAM inverter technology reduces magnetic flux, which causes power losses. It also improves the speed of the inverter compressor. The 2-cylinder rotary compressor utilized in General’s latest inverter price of o general wall-mounted split ac models can operate in temperatures as high as 52oC.

Heat Exchanger with Multiple High-Density Paths

Technically, faster heat exchange is needed for rapid cooling. This is exactly how the new inverter price of o general wall-mounted split ac 1.5-ton works since they have multi-path efficient high-density lambda, heat exchangers. The high-performance grooved pipework used in their construction sped up the heat exchange process.

Negative Air Ions Deodorizing Filter That Is Simple to Maintain

Modern O General Wall Mounted Split AC is equipped with negative air ion deodorizing filters to deodorize the air before it is circulated. This procedure eliminates unpleasant odors typically found in negative air ions. It also aids in clearing the air of minute dust and dirt particles. In addition to delivering cozy cooling, this technique circulates healthy air. This filter’s advantages include being simple to remove and washable. So, periodically physically cleaning the filters will help the gadget last longer.

Functions for Auto Restart and Sleep

let’s say you were using your air conditioner in fan-only mode with the compressor off, but after a power outage, the compressor might start working again. Even the temperature controls would change. But happily, newer General Air Conditioners have an Auto Restart feature that records the settings in use prior to a power outage and then restores them following one. Therefore, you may sleep the entire night soundly without being concerned that the AC settings will change if there is a power outage.

Reason Why is O General split technology so well-liked in the UAE?

The business with the longest tenure in the industry is O General. It successfully mixes comfort and innovation. Because of this, O General’s engineers built the air conditioning systems to suit the region’s unique weather patterns.

The business also cares about your well-being. Because of this, every device has energy-saving features. The best heat exchanger in the industry, a new compressor, a new fan motor, a bigger propeller fan, and a new refrigerant, R410A, have all been installed by O General. Models range in cooling capacity from 1.5 tonnes to 3 tonnes. Both indoor and outdoor units can now be ordered in the HI-EER model range by General Wall-Mounted Split Ac Online Shopping.



With its sturdy construction and superb capabilities, General Air Conditioner is undoubtedly one of the top brands for cooling homes. However, this comes at a premium price, not just for the purchase price but also for installation and upkeep. However, if you have a large budget, you should choose this brand because the general split wall-mounted ac price list will not let you down throughout the hottest summer months.


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