This is the air conditioner that is installed in small rooms, shops, hotels, and cash points. Floor standing air conditioners are easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to move from one place to other. It creates an influential air flow in the room in layers and rows. The appearance of floor standing air conditioner is like a cabin.

Floor standing air conditioner is used in places where another air conditioner is not able to work, and the size of walls and surfaces is very small as 5 m. floor standing AC are of different types. The range of these gadgets is from 7 KW to 16 KW.

Features of Midea Floor Standing Air Conditioner

Some of the main features of Floor Standing Air Conditioner are as under,

Floor standing air conditioners are in vertical shape but the swing of airflow is in the horizontal direction. Every part of the room is cooled by it

Floor standing air conditioners are automatically turned off when the power goes out and when the power comes it restarts automatically after some time.

When there is any leakage from the refrigerant then the floor-standing AC shows the word “EC”, and AC stops working. It is very important to protect the refrigerant. It saves the damage and repair time of the owner.

Operating Power; 220~240V 1Ph 50Hz
Ambient operating Range; C18 ~ 50 ?C Total Input Power; Current I Watts / A1640 Watts/ 7.0 A
Annual Power Consumption; KWH1270 KW
Refrigerant; R410A

Air Flow Volume (Max) CMH/ cfm1060 CMH/ 624 cmh
Air Filter

Inbuilt Remote Control, Cordless On Panel

Rotary Type

Noise Level (Max-Min) dBA45.6 / 41.8 dBA

Dimensions |Indoor Unit I WxDxH |mm510x315x1750 mm
Net Dimensions |Outdoor Unit I mm780x250x540 mm

Net weight | Indoor Unit | Kg36 KgNet weight | Unit/Panel | Kg36 Kg

Models & Tonnage

3.0 Ton Midea Floor Standing AC

  • MFT1GA-36CRN1

4.0 Ton Midea Floor Standing AC

  • MFT3GA-48CRN1

5.0 Ton Midea Floor Standing AC

  • MFT3GA-60CRN1

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