Midea Air Conditioner has introduced a newly produced AC called Midea Cassette Air Conditioner. The utmost ability of a cassette air conditioner is to flow the cool air into every part of the room. Its flow of cool air is 360 degrees. It has a vane controller that distributed the air in every course.

Cassette air conditioners are designed on a very low profile that they can be set on shallow ceilings. Cassette AC has a removable panel and Its range of lifting down is 4m.

Features of Midea Cassette Air Conditioner

Midea Cassette AC can flow the air in the direction of 360 degrees. Cassette ac has to scatter the cool air in every part and every direction of the room.

Midea Cassette Air Conditioner is different from other gadgets that are controlled with the help of infrared radiation. Cassette AC is controlled with the help of wire, that is hanging at the wall. These types of machines are installed mainly in offices and official zones.

Midea Cassette Air conditioner’s fan operates on an automatic basis because it is specially designed in a low ambient kit and PCB. The speed of the outdoor fan is automatically changed when the condensation temperature changes. Cassette AC is designed in a way that it works at -15 degrees.

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Midea Cassette Air Conditioner operates at automatic behavior. Our Midea Air Conditioner company keeps an eye on the changing conditions in the world. Everyone knows about the behavior of electricity in the world. Cassette Ac also works at automatic behavior. There are sensors installed in cassette AC that recognize any difficulty, or misoperation in the system and these sensors stop its operation. So, it can save the gadget from a big loss.

If the power is cut unexpectedly and resumes again then Midea Cassette AC resumes its operation. It is done with the help of automatic sensors, installed in the Midea Cassette Air Conditioner. It is the function that is liked by buyers and customers. This information is gained by a deep and researched study and investigation.

Midea Cassette Air Conditioners have turbo mode. It means that if the room temperature is high then the AC turns to turbo mode and it gains the full speed of the indoor fan. When the room temperature is met with AC then AC indoor fan automatically resets.

When there is any leakage from the refrigerant then the Cassette AC shows the word “EC”, and AC stops working. It is very important to protect the refrigerant.

The capacity of the Midea Cassette Air Conditioner at cooling level is 13.78 (KW)

The capacity of the Midea Cassette Air Conditioner at heating level is 15.53 (KW)

Operating Power; 220~240V, 1Ph 50Hz Ambient operating Range; C18 ~ 50C Total Input Power; Current Watts, A1640 Watts, 7.2A
Annual Power Consumption; KWH1270W
Refrigerants; R410A

Air Flow Volume (Max) CMH/ cfm1220 CMH/ 718 cmh
Air Filter Inbuilt Drain Pump
HeadInbuilt 750 mm

Remote Control, Wireless Remote Inbuilt

Compressor Type Rotary

Noise Level (Max-Min) dBA47 ~ 35 dBA

Net Dimensions |Indoor Unit I WxDxH |mm840 x 840 x 230 mm
Net Dimensions |Indoor Unit Panel I WxDxH | mm950 x 950 x 55 mm
Net Dimensions |Outdoor Unit I mm780x250x540 mm

Net weight | Indoor Unit | Kg29 Kg
Net weight | Unit/Pane

Models & Tonnage

2.0 Ton Midea Cassette AC

  • MCDT-24CRN1

3.0 Ton Midea Window AC

  • MCDT4-36CRN2

4.0 Ton Midea Window AC

  • MCDT4-48CRN1

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