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Water Dripping From Split AC Indoor Unit

Water Dripping From Split Ac Indoor Unit

It might be very frightening to see water dripping from split ac indoor unit. A dirty puddle inside would be the last thing you need, not to mention the horrifying cost of repairs! This situation is abnormal even though your air conditioner eliminates moisture. Instead, a water leak from an o general split ac 1.5, 2, or 3 ton may signify a significant problem.

When you discover a leak, turn off your air conditioner and contact HVAC assistance immediately. If you continue to use the air conditioning unit, water accumulation could lead to problems. There is no need to panic if you see water dripping from the split ac indoor unit, but you do need to act quickly. An O’General split ac installation specialist can promptly fix most AC leaks, and they may not necessitate costly repairs.

What Causes an AC to Collect Water?

In addition to controlling the temperature, your HVAC system impacts the humidity levels in your house. The home’s air conditioner is made up of evaporator coils. Your HVAC system draws warm air from your house and blows it over cold evaporator coils, where it condenses and reduces humidity.

The consequent condensation drips into a pan with a drain pipe that connects to a condensate drain. This pipe drains the water outside and exits your house. The issue arises when your air conditioner has difficulty getting rid of the extra water and excessive moisture buildup. As a result, your AC may leak water into your house.

 Is It Safe To Use Your AC If Water Is Leaking?

Your air conditioner will still work even if it is pouring water. However, it can start to lose some of its ability to chill your room. It is usually a good idea to turn your unit off as soon as you notice water flowing from your air conditioner because you don’t know what caused the leak.

When internal ac split system installation components are severely damaged, your unit may continue to operate and eventually have a compressor failure. Your walls, ceilings, furniture, and other household goods could all be in danger if your indoor AC unit starts to leak water. Too much moisture may also lead to the growth of mold.

Reasons Why Water Is Dripping From Split Ac Indoor Unit

There may be several causes for your AC not to remove the moisture through the correct channel, from blocked drain lines to dirty air filters. Let’s examine some typical AC issues that could result in water leakage from your air conditioner:

Condensate Drain Line Obstruction

This is among the most frequent causes of water dripping from the split ac indoor unit. Dirt and debris are present in your device’s moisture throughout the dehumidification process. If the condensate drain line is not regularly cleaned, this might build up over time and result in a blockage. Your unit will ultimately fill up with water and overflow the drain pan inside your house.

Some contemporary mini-split ac installations have a cutoff switch that turns the unit off if it notices a clogged condensate line. This is a fantastic way to prevent water damage to your home. You will be required to take action on your own if your unit doesn’t have this choice.

Broken Or Rusty Drain Pan

A drain pan is fixed beneath or within the air handling unit of an air conditioning unit to catch moisture when it drips. From here, the water continues to flow outdoors and down the drain pipe. The water will begin to leak rather than enter the drain line if the drain pan is rusty or damaged. Your split ac unit installation will start at an age when it is about 15-20 years old, and one standard indicator of aging is a rusty drain. The drain pan may rust and corrode over time, causing your AC to water dripping from the split ac indoor unit.

Disconnect The Drain Line

Your AC will leak water if your drain pipe is improperly installed and disconnects. The drain line may come loose over time or disconnect due to poor installation or repair. Water may accumulate on the ground or leak through the ceiling if a drain pipe becomes detached. Depending on where your AC unit is, the leakage source may change.

Condensate Pump Or Float Switch Failure

If your central HVAC unit is located somewhere remote, such as an attic or a basement, it may be difficult for water to exit your drain line. Here, the condensate pump is crucial to clear the system of water.

Whenever the water levels in the reservoir rise, the condensate pump’s float switch turns on. The condensate pump is then started to drain water outside of your house. It won’t pump water outside the unit if the float switch or condensate pump is damaged. As a result, as the water accumulates, the air conditioning system will start to leak water dripping from the split ac indoor unit.

Iced Evaporator Coils

Your indoor unit’s evaporator coils can freeze due to a refrigerant leak or obstructed airflow. This may result in moisture accumulation, which can overflow the drain pan and let water spill out.

Faulty AC Installation

You could be wondering why water dripping from the split ac indoor unit you just installed a new unit and it has started to do so.

The problem could result from improper installation. For instance, the water flow from the drain pan is disrupted when the AC and drain pipes are not proportionate. Your unit consequently begins to leak water. Similarly, an improperly leveled central air conditioner might leak water into the home. The same thing might occur; if a window unit is installed entirely flat, water will begin to drip inside, creating a big mess.


You are now aware of all the factors that could cause your air conditioner to leak water. However, most concerns with your air conditioner leaking water may be avoided with regular maintenance. The technician tunes your interior and outdoor systems, inspecting essential parts for potential issues. Additionally, regular maintenance from O General AC ensures that your air conditioner runs at its best all year long, keeping your home comfortable with affordable split ac installation costs.


How can I stop the water dripping from the split ac indoor unit?

Your split air conditioner may start water dripping from the split ac indoor unit because sludge, debris, or dust has clogged the condensate pipe. If that’s the case, you can stop the dripping by sucking away the stuck impurities from the condensate line with your standard wet/dry vacuum.

Why is there water inside my split air conditioner?

Your split air conditioner is leaking water dripping from the split ac indoor unit for one of two reasons:

  • Either the drip tray is damaged or has holes in it.
  • The drip tray’s drop tray is overflowing with water because the drain line has plugged.
Is AC leaking normal?

Typically, an AC shouldn’t leak water. Fortunately, the causes of the drip are relatively common, so there is no need for concern.

If my AC is leaking, should I turn it off?

Turn off your air conditioner immediately if you discover water dripping from the split ac indoor unit. This is crucial because it will stop the flow of water, even if the air in your home doesn’t feel any different. The more water your air conditioner loses, the more damage it is susceptible to.